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Repeater Information

BYUARC operates two repeaters located on campus. Both repeaters are semi-open. We welcome radio and Echolink traffic under normal circumstances, but certain additional repeater features are restricted to club members.

2 Meter Repeater

Frequency: 145.33 MHz
Offset: negative (-600KHz)
CTCSS: 100 Hz
Echolink Node 665389
RepeaterBook, Utah VHF Society

70 Centimeter Repeater

Frequency: 449.075 MHz
Offset: negative (-5 MHz)
CTCSS: 167.9 Hz
RepeaterBook, Utah VHF Society


The club maintains an APRS digipeater, N7BYU-1

Antennas for the 2 Meter repeater (top) and 70 Centimeter repeater (bottom)